Fundraising and Appeals

Raising funds to help those in need.

Fundraise for our veterans.

While the RSLWA hosts a number of fundraisers and appeals throughout the year, we strongly encourage those who wish to fundraise to find their own way of doing so. You could organise a quiz night, put on a walk, host a bake sale and so much more. There are so many ways in which you could give back.

If you’re planning to fundraise for the RSLWA, we’d love to hear about it. Please get in contact with our marketing and events team to see how we can assist you.


The ANZAC and Poppy Appeals

The ANZAC and Poppy Appeals are a call to arms. It is a moment of charity that has a lasting effect on Australian veterans and their families. This initiative envisions a world where former service personnel who are in need of assistance, gain the support they need.

The ANZAC and Poppy Appeals give the RSL the opportunity to do just that. The money raised provides funding for those experiencing financial hardship, programs such as providing access to employment pathways and reengaging veterans with the civilian community, and advocacy and compensation assistance and advice.

By supporting the ANZAC and Poppy Appeal, by donating spare change or purchasing and wearing a commemorative pin, you are directly supporting the welfare of veterans in your local community.

Donate today and fight for those who serve.

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