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Triumph and trauma of young veterans

From Josh Zimmerman, The Sunday Times THE trauma — and the triumphs — of young veterans are being pushed to the fore this Anzac Day in an attempt to shift

RSL rebrand for modern Veterans

By Delia Price at Business News MORE than a century after it was founded amidst the political and social upheaval of WWI, the Returned and Services League is planning an

ANZAC Day 2019 Commemorative Events

THE ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the State War Memorial in Kings Park starts at 6am on Thursday, April 25, 2019. This commemorative event will host approximately 30,000 people. People

The Note Through The Wire

What would you do if your country was invaded? Many within our community are able to respond to this question immediately. Some even have a plan. For civilians though, the

RWANDA Genocide 25th year Anniversary

Thoughts from the spouse of an Australian Soldier/UNAMIR Peacekeeper and how the Rwandan Genocide continues to shape the lives of those who were involved. It is very hard for some

A place of pride in Collie

Collie Cardiff RSL Branch will be featuring a 'Did you Know' column in the Collie Mail once a month. The column aims to be informative about the town's military past.

Are you a proud Rat of Tobruk descendant?

During World War 2, more than 14,000 Australians including many from Western Australia, fought at Tobruk (Libya), during the historic 242-day siege.  These men became famously known as the Rats