Lynda Zappelli served as a Navy helicopter mechanical engineer from 2001 and was discharged in 2011.

Like many veterans, she suffered injuries both physical and mental during service and lives with permanent nerve damage in her foot and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“It’s sad but it’s the honest truth – a lot of ex-service and first-time responders are struggling,” she said.

“Group therapy is one thing we definitely need to bring in. Veteran welfare and aid; employment opportunities in the area for ex-service people; I’m really keen to get art therapy and music therapy happening. We also need drug and alcohol programs to give them somewhere they can come for help and not be judged.”

Our veterans, past and present, volunteered to put their lives on the line for the sake of us and they deserve our gratitude and support.

More than ever there is a growing need to care for and support veterans and their families at a time of ever-increasing numbers of veterans returning from conflicts and humanitarian crises or transitioning out of the Australian Defence Force.

We need your help to ‘Help Our Heroes’ – to give our valued veterans the help they need and deserve.

With your help, RSLWA can provide the following services and programs:

Well-being and mental health

Looking after veterans who face complex issues and, in particular, attention to mental health and the challenges of Post Traumatic Stress.


The vital period of leaving the Australian Defence Force for a new civilian life including finding new employment opportunities.


Supporting veterans and their families who, through no fault, sometimes find themselves in tough financial times.


Supporting veterans to secure their rightful entitlements from non-liability health support to compensation.

Social and community inclusiveness

Through RSLWA’s partnerships, assist veterans to maintain their social interactions.

Health and lifestyle services

Providing links with other Ex-Service Organisations and professional health, lifestyle and legal services when needed.

RSLWA is forging a point of difference in the delivery of vital services to our veterans.

It’s a Veteran Central model that places the veteran and his or her family at the centre of the circle of services able to be delivered not just by RSLWA but also by other Ex-Service Organisations, like-minded community, corporate and government entities.

It’s about communication.

It’s about collaboration.

It’s about doing things better together.

RSLWA relies on donations from generous people like you.

Your tax-deductible donation will help RSLWA assist those who served our country and their families.

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